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We are a professional photography services company, specializing in Candid Wedding, Hindu Wedding, North Indian Wedding, Bridal Portraits, Couple Portraits, Pr-wedding Shoots, Engagement, Reception, Bengali Wedding and Wedding photography. We love looking out for eye contact between brides and grooms,and this is one of our favorite moments from a speech shot. A little bit of chaos in the scene can often lead to a non-conformist wedding picture. If you want to know the general mood and flow of the industry, Expressive Fotographiya has you covered. We have probably for the more advanced photographer, Who offers awesome fascinating sweet section showing a lot of behind-the-scenes content a gift of emotional fellowship.
Expressive Fotographiya has mastered the ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY

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What makes us different? Our work, our passion and our people.

Alexander HarvardCo Founder / CEO
Herman MillerCo-Founder / Design
Bryan JonhsonArt Director